What to Expect as You Return to Mass

Please afford us your patience and prayers. These procedures are an adjustment to us, as well. We promise to give you the best of ourselves as we work to allow as many as safely possible to the celebration of Mass.

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains lifted until further notice. Maximum capacity at each Mass is limited. We encourage those over age 60, those particularly concerned about exposure, and those considered high-risk to please stay home and join us by Livestream. We have implemented cleanliness and sanitization practices.

The weekend schedule is as follows: Saturday, 4 pm; 5:30 and 7 pm (en español); Sunday, 7:30, 9, 10:30 am and 12 noon; Livestream: Saturday, 4 pm and 5:30 pm (en español); Reconciliation: Saturday, 3-4 pm in the Parish Center; Daily Masses, Monday-Saturday: 7 and 8:30 am

• Sign up HERE each Monday as space is limited
(or call the Parish Office if you don’t have internet access)
• Wash your hands.
• Bring your own hand sanitizer to be used before receiving Holy Communion.
• Remember both the Nursery and Children’s Loft are closed.
• Masks are required on campus and during Mass.
• Use the restroom before leaving home to limit restroom visits once at church.

• All entry will be through the front doors. Side entrances will remain locked from the outside.
• Check-in. Ushers will assist to seat your household.
• You may be sharing a pew with another household, but social distance is required between the households.
• The center sections will be seated first.
• The holy water fonts remain empty.

• There is to be no physical contact between households at the Sign of Peace or during the Lord’s Prayer.
• Use of personal hand sanitizer before communion is strongly encouraged.
• It is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to receive Holy Communion in the hand. Those who still choose to receive on the tongue will have to do so after mass in the sacristy with the priest so that additional precautions can be taken.
• No offertory will be taken during Mass. Please drop your donation in the basket at the door on your way out.
• To avoid unnecessary contact, all in attendance for Mass will participate in the Communion Procession. Those who do not wish to receive should remain in the procession with arms crossed as they approach the Blessed Sacrament.

• Parishioners must remain in their pew.
• Pews will be dismissed in an orderly fashion, using multiple exits.
• You must exit your pew when prompted. Private prayer is not available after Masses to allow the church to be reset for the next Mass.
• Please do not congregate outside but head directly to your vehicle to allow the next Mass to start on time.

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